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Maintaining your Espresso Machine

We often buy an espresso machine to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Keeping it clean and servicing is essential not only to Keep that delicious taste coming but ensure you have your machine running for years to come.

Coffee beans generate oil residues that turn bitter over time; servicing your machine ensures that you don't get that bitter taste to spoil your coffee.

Experts recommend servicing your coffee machine every 12 – 18 months. Servicing involves disassembly, inspection, repairs, and a good clean, including the brewing unit, valves, and replacement.

The machine may require descaling treatment depending on the water quality in your area; in this case, using filtered water is recommended. A service will also check your machine's electrical safety and pressure, ensuring it's working optimally and safely.

Daily Maintenance,

Empty the drip tray. Wipe down the milk frothing component after each use if you have one. Clean thoroughly at the end of the day following your machine cleaning instructions; flushing this process forces water through the system to remove build-up; running the rinse cycle will keep the pressure valve in good working condition.

Trust that your coffee will taste better when Appliance Repairs Cairns Service your Machine. Whatever the brand is, Maan our lead technician is the Coffee machine servicing expert in many brands including Delonghi, Nespresso, Breville, Kenwood, Franke, SMEG, to name a few. Call us on 07-40390537, or text us: 0439500879,


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