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Tips to Maintain Washing Machines.

Keeping Washing machines working, you have to avoid unwanted guests such as mould. To do that, follow these tips:

Many washing machines on the market today are energy efficient – definitely, a selling point that will save you money and the environment. Just make sure to use a detergent appropriate for the machine, as some models will require a less HE (high efficiency) detergent.

  1. Leave the door open. After washing a load of laundry, leaving the door open will allow the interior to air correctly and prevent mould and mildew.

  2. Don't leave the wet laundry to sit. Likewise, damp laundry that stays inside the washer for hours and hours can bring about those musky pests.

  3. Wash the washer. Give the door, gasket, drum, and dispensers a good once-over with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Also, run a hot-water load with the washer on empty, using either detergent or vinegar to help get the interior super-clean.

  4. Don't overdo the detergent. While it may seem to make sense that more soap will get your clothes cleaner, in actuality, the opposite can be true. Extra soap can leave a residue on your laundry and in the interior of the machine, causing wear and tear.


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