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Tips to Maintain the Dishwasher

It's not too difficult to keep your Dishwasher running like new; some of these dishwasher maintenance tips may surprise you.

  1. Use it or lose it. The best way to keep your Dishwasher in tip-top shape is to run it regularly. This stops food and other build-ups from settling in and becoming more difficult to clean later.

  2. Vinegar is your friend. Pour a couple of cups of vinegar into the bottom of your Dishwasher and run on low for an easy, effective clean cycle. Also, vinegar works miracles for a dishwasher's stainless-steel exterior.

  3. Repair or replace dish racks if the plastic coating begins to wear off. Also, replace any plastic tine tips if they get lost. Worn-out dishwasher racks can start to rust if left unfixed, causing small, rusty metal pieces to enter the Dishwasher's pump and lead to expensive repairs later.

  4. Poke it. Check out the spinning arms that spray the water up; if food or other debris is clogging any holes, use a needle or other small item to poke it out and clear the opening. If using a wooden toothpick, do not let the tip snap off and get stuck inside. It is best to avoid using the toothpick use a paperclip instead.

  5. Clean the seal. Wash around the edge of the Dishwasher with a water and vinegar solution, using a soft cloth or brush to clear out any gunk jamming up the area.

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